Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Day Back: US History I

Well, here it is. The first day of the rest of this semester... or something like that. I'm back at campus number one, but a bit earlier this semester. Since this campus is much closer to where I work, I will just leave work and hang out there since my class starts at five. Makes no sense to go home, I'd just have to turn around as soon as I pull up in the driveway.

So I get there and find a seat next to the window and play my favorite new game on my phone. (Hill Climber. Look it up, it's tons of fun.) After waiting and having a soda, I get to my classroom. I even saw Mr. Geography from last semester on the way there. He's in the same classroom this semester.

I get in, and it's just the instructor. Nice enough guy, has a voice that sounds like a radio DJ. We talk for a second and he teaches history at the high school around the corner from my house, which is one of the other high schools in the district I went through. Sitting there and people start to filter in. Why is everyone so late, it's like ten after five!

Turns out... class starts at 5:30, not 5:00. Awesome. Well, at least I'll have some quiet time twice a week to study or catch up on homework should I get behind somewhere.

So, sitting in class and another kid comes in... probably fresh out of high school, the kid is kind of chubby. I notice he's wearing a red dog collar with a tag on it. Ooookkk... whatever dude. Then, he turns to find a seat and the kid is wearing a bright orange fluffy tail. What the... ok. I'm not sure what that's about, but hey, whatever floats his boat. One day, I'm going to wind up asking him what this is all about.

The class winds up being absolutely PACKED. Full house of 32 students. The guy sitting next to me is sort of a douche. Reeks of Abercrombie cologne (Yes, THAT cologne.), and is wearing a short sleeve shirt when it's about forty degrees outside. This was probably by design so that he could show off the asian symbol tattooed on his arm. He probably thinks it means 'strength' or 'power' or something along those lines. I'd be willing to bet it means 'princess' or something. You laugh, this happened to a friend of mine.

We cover a few things and are out of there on time It's just an hour and a half of class, I have it twice a week. Traffic on the way home is BULL at 7pm. Freaking Houston...

Work tomorrow, then Government.

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