Friday, January 4, 2013

Been a while!

Hi people! Been a while, I know. The semester ended and I was off of work for quite a while, so  I took the time to relax, hang out with my wife and baby girl and do the whole Christmas and New Years thing with the family. It was a very nice break. I'm back at work now, and I have one more week of "easy street" and just having to worry about work before school starts again in a little over a week.

Here's the "report card"-
Geography- A
Government- B
English- B
Music Appreciation- C

A freaking C!!! WTF, MAN!?

Got in touch with the guy after my grades posted online and apparently my essay for my final wasn't up to par, and neither was my journal that I have to write in and discuss all of the music I was listening to for the class. Whatever. C's transfer and it's a BS class. I got D's on those two grades, and with the final weighing so much, it drug me down. I'm not saying he was wrong for giving me the grade he did, he has his reasons. In other words, I earned that C, he didn't "give me" a C. I'll move on to the next semester and focus on what has to be done.

Speaking of next semester, I got registered this morning and well, my schedule could be WORSE I suppose. Monday I have US History I (Everything up until 1877, I think?)
Tuesday is Texas Government. They broke up government from just being two semesters that explain everything to one semester that does federal and the other to do state and local.
Wednesday is the second half of my week in History and it's also... COLLEGE ALGEBRA! That's the gorilla in the room this semester. Hopefully I can manage it, I think I'll be ok.

I'm also doing into to computers as an online class. The adviser took it and said it's simple, so did someone in my office actually. It's just Microsoft Office. The teacher will email assignments and say I need these pages done by such date. You go to those pages and it tells you step by step how to create the document they want. Easy-peasy. Watch though, I'll get a C in that class like I did my "easy class" for last semester.

Be back when I have my first days in my new classes, hope you all had a great holiday and a good start to your new year.


  1. When you learn MS Office, please teach it to me. I've been using that shit for years and still don't get it.

  2. Hey I applaud you for going back to school. I just graduated in May 2012, and it was a bear to get through. I feel your pain! I know you can do it..if I can anyone can. Fight the good fight, and know that there are people that want to see you succeed, and I know you will!